The Art & Craft of Spotting Circumstances

We underestimate the role of luck in our lives. Luck as in ending up in a situation with just the right circumstances, most of which are not under our direct control.

It’s easy to take credit when everything goes well. It’s the food our egos feed on. It’s just as tempting to take the blame when it goes all wrong. After all, the ego also dwells on failure.

Whatever it is, now is a great time to stop. Life is a game of actions, consequences, and circumstances. The sooner we admit the importance of the latter, the sooner we can begin to get out of our heads and look around.

When you don’t feel like you’re the sole creator of your destiny, you suddenly develop this desire to observe the environment that you’re in and to spot the events that occur inside it. Opportunity happens with or without your knowledge. You must learn how to look for, spot it, and take it.