Getting Constrained

Sooner or later on the journey to making things happen, we get constrained. This is the moment when we lack the time, capability, opportunity, or any other mission-critical factor for success that you can think of.

Getting constrained is inevitable. It is like Newton’s Third Law, where every force has an equal and opposite counterforce. In fact, the bigger the goal, the more serious and more numerous the constraints. Life has a way of testing those who want to bend the status quo.

Just remember that the moment you get constrained is also the moment when you have to be at your best. To push the hardest and go further outside your comfort zone than you’ve ever been before. Getting constrained is nothing less than an opportunity to push yourself beyond your limits and reach what was previously unreachable.

Getting constrained is the opportunity cost you have to pay for becoming successful. No matter how you really define success.