Managers Are Communicated Through

Managers are communicated through, and not communicated to, say Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman of management podcast Manager Tools in one of their most popular episodes. What exactly does this mean?

When you learn of new information from senior management, your first thought should be about the impact that it has on your team. The information that came to you was intended for your team in the first place; you are the interface.

As the interface between your managers and your directs, you are expected to transmit all information (unless sensitive or confidential, of course) to your team. And you are expected to do so not just by quoting it and passing it on, but by interpreting it and adding value to it by putting it into the context of your team.

The next time you hear of news, changes, or other events that take place in your company, think about why it matters for your team—and how you are going to translate it to them by speaking their language.

Why will the rebranding initiative help them to communicate to customers, existing and potential? How will the roll out of that new ERP system affect their work? What does the strategy to automate production and become a robotized factory mean for their day-to-day jobs in the timeframe of a few years?

Do not be the bottleneck of information inside your company. Your role is to be the interface, not the halo.