Let Your Crew Become Captains

When things go wrong in your company, who do people turn to? If everyone turns to you and you’re the founder, you have some serious delegating and coaching to do.

Every company needs at least one Captain: that person who takes ownership when problems arise—and does whatever is required to work with others and solve them.

At first, you’re the captain. Then, you have to become the fleet manager. Then, you have to transition to being a stakeholder. At any point of that transition, what got you to step one won’t get you to the next.

It’s you who has to change with your company’s growth.

Like it or not, your goal is to go higher and let the talented people, the ones that you hired in the first place, be captains. Then help them grow into fleet managers. Then Directors, Vice Presidents, and Presidents, etc.

The only way to let your company grow is for you to stop being the bottleneck. Let your crew become captains. You’ll be surprised just how well they can sail the ship.