Good strategy, bad strategy

Bad strategy is everywhere. It flaunts the desire to achieve a goal, a big goal all too often, without identifying a single action step for how to get there. It ignores the difficulties we’re going to face on the way and avoids to take a hard and down-to-earth look at the problems.

Good strategy is rare. It lays out a clear vision where we want to go. It contains actionable steps for getting there. It sets realistic goals and achievable milestones to measure our progress. And treats problems as obstacles that must be named, analyzed, and dealt with.

Bad strategy is an outcome of not wanting to see your world, your organization, your team, and your self as they are. It is a result of trying to avoid the obvious through flashy words and wishful thinking. It is also a sure-fire plan for failure.

If you choose to be blind, sooner or later you will have to develop your hearing. The obvious, real, and non-avoidable nature of reality will sooner or later force you to adapt.

Given the chance, why not open all your senses?