If you promise something to your customers—a product, a service, a solution—deliver it. With as few barriers to value as possible.

This is the new paradigm of customer experience in a connected and automated world. Discover the key sources of value creation for your customers and transform your entire business model to focus on them. Then shift your operations to ensure that you’re providing it 99.9% of the time.

Aircraft manufacturers have strated to see that airlines don’t really want to buy airplanes. They want to fly airplanes. It’s just that, up until recently, they had to buy an airplane to fly it. But owning an airplane is expensive.

An airline’s key source of value is an airplane that’s in flight and full of passengers. Not one that’s on the ground or in maintenance. What to do? They have started to shift their business model from selling aircraft to providing Aircraft-as-a-Service. Airlines would pay for miles flown. The manufacturer takes care of service, maintenance, and availability.

This change is happening across industries. Yours included. You’ll either shift first or be shifted later.