Hey there!

My name is Dimitar Nikolov. Want to get in touch? Find me on LinkedIn.

This is my personal blog. Here, I write about business, technology, and their intersection in my day-to-day work as Innovation Manager of ICB, a Bulgarian software company. When it comes to my work and my hobbies, I am a man who wears many hats.

Business Interests

When it comes to business, my interests include management on all levels, from strategic management and innovation to product/service management. Which means I live and breathe standardization and institutionalization. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is my favorite agile software development methodology, The Product Manager’s Desk Reference is one of my favorite books, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of good practices that you will hear me preaching about all too often.

Technology Interests

When it comes to technology, I am a Full-Stack Web Developer with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP/MySQL. I have been using, working with, developing for, and promoting WordPress since 2008, when blogging was a hip thing to do and the Internet was a very different place. In my free time today, I explore Python as a programming language, computer science, mathematics, and physics as personal interests.

Work Experience

Webmaster & Web Projects Consultant

My work experience began as a Webmaster in the early days of the web, when Content Management Systems (CMSs) like PHPNuke and Nucleus CMS were still a thing. I built websites, optimized them for search engines, and monetized them through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing programs which, at that time, were very profitable things to do. At some point, it turned out that other people and companies were interested in my experience, so I started working as a freelance consultant.

Managing Partner at Mediabit.bg

At some point, I co-founded Mediabit.bg, a Bulgarian online media company with Oleg Petrov, a friend with whom I continue to work today. We ran news sites for Bulgaria’s next generation of digital consumers. And we monetized them by helping fashion and technology brands to reach out to our young and engaged audiences. I sold my shares and made my first exit, though a small one, as a startup entrepreneur.

Marketing Co-founder of Clusterize

Next, I went on to co-found Clusterize, an app that asked you to login with your Facebook account and curated the best events nearby from your network with machine learning. That turned out to be my first startup failure and I left the team after my first six months [If you ask me why I failed, I would tell you that I neglected the need to build new skills in social media marketing that would have helped me perform as Marketing Co-founder].

Marketing Expert at pCloud

Wanting to take a break from several years of entrepreneurship and 24/7 work, I became corporate. My career began in pCloud, a Swiss file storage startup. It was a great experience that led me to participating in cross-functional teams that created the company’s first brand guideline, reaching 1+ million users for the first time, launching a new software product, and sending the first email marketing campaign to 1+ million users.

Innovation Manager at ICB

Finally, I joined ICB, a Bulgarian software company. We provide software products and IT services to several industries worldwide, with a focus on the Nordic market. I joined it at an associate level and climbed the ladder to my current role in innovation management. I work with key customers and strategic partners to help innovative software products and services be taken to market.