49+ of My Favorite News Sites, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels About Leadership, Business and IT

Hello, my name is Dimitar. I’m what you call the corporate type. My memes are found not on 9GAG, but on Dilbert; an office humor comic strip about life in a while-collar, micromanaged corporation. My television shows are not about strangers living together in one house for six months, but people who invest in startup companies (The Shark Tank) and fix broken businesses of all kinds (Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell). My email inbox is full not with retailers’ Black Friday discounts, but with the Harvard Business Review’s subscribe and get 50% off campaigns.

I read books and articles, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube videos about leadership, economics, business, and (mostly enterprise) IT. If you’re at least as interested in these topics as I am, I think you’ll find some new sites to read and podcasts or channels to follow. Oh, and I’ve thrown in the occasional this-and-that for foodies1, since one of my biggest passions is cooking.

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World, Europe, Politics News

When it comes to world and Europe news, I rely on the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Euronews to inform me about the topics that really matter. When I want a non-traditional angle on a piece of news and feel like I need to understand the basics of the problem, I head to Vox and their YouTube channel (keeping in mind that they tend to be biased on most topics).

Tech News

If I want to learn what’s hot in tech at any given moment, Techmeme is my go-to source. It curates and aggregates news about the technology industry from the world’s best outlets. Since I only have that much time to read tech news online, Techmeme helps me to stay on top of events and save time.

What Software I Use to Read News

When RSS readers were still a things (that was the time of Windows XP and then Windows Vista), I used to subscribe to my favorite news outlets and blogs with FeedDemon, a free RSS reader for Windows. Then came mobile apps like Flipboard and Pulse (later acquired by LinkedIn), which I never got used to. For me, though, nothing could replace the good ol’ web browser. For years, that browser has been Google Chrome.

Side note: Saying “software” or “application” feels so outdated, doesn’t it? Everyone seems to calls them “apps” nowadays. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the original.

Email Newsletters

The O’Reilly Newsletters

If there was an IMDB for email newsletters, the O’Reilly Newsletters would be number one on their Top 250 list. Nine weekly email newsletters about computer programming, systems engineering and operations, data, cybersecurity, UX/UI design, the web, the economy, fintech, and artificial intelligence. They are a source of news, inspiration, and best practices, each of which delivered weekly to your inbox. If any one of these topics is of interest to you, O’Reilly Media’s related newsletter is a must-read.

Pro tip: Combine the O’Reilly Newsletters with the Four Short Links section on their website—and you will almost always have the most interesting tech content on the web a click away in your browser.

Mattermark’s Newsletters

Data and automation platform for sales teams Mattermark has two email newsletters, which I’ve been reading (and will continue to) for ages. There’s Raise the Bar, a daily digest of curated posts about sales, marketing, and growth with a focus on startups. There’s also the Mattermark Daily which, as you can tell by the name, is a daily digest of posts from investors and operators. If you have anything to do with sales or startups, subscribe to these two newsletters. I’ll just say that that’s where more than a few of my bookmarks came from.

The MIT Technology Review Newsletters

The MIT Technology Review Newsletters include The Download, a curated list of hot topics about technology and innovation delivered to you daily (which I unsubscribed from because I couldn’t keep up with all the news), and the This Week in Technology Review, a weekly newsletter with some of the best content published on the MIT Technology Review‘s website. The latter is one of my favorite sources of news and opinions about the tech industry.

Pro tip: If you want to dig even deeper into what’s happening in the tech industry—and are not intimidated by the idea of paying what others would call a lot for news—subscribe to The Information. Together, The Information and the MIT Technology Review (which you can also subscribe to on Kindle for $2.49/month) will turbocharge your understanding of tech.

First Round Review

First Round Review is seed-stage venture capital firm First Round Capital’s online magazine and email newsletter. It publishes insanely-practical interviews with founders, VPs, managers, and practitioners who talk about business management, product strategy, people and culture, marketing, sales, engineering, and UX/UI design. It doesn’t matter if you work in a startup or corporation, B2B or B2C… if you want to learn how to become better at what you do (and get inspired by people who are doing so every day), you need to subscribe to this.

The Harvard Business Review Newsletters

The Harvard Business Review Newsletters are the corporate leader’s best source of news, insight, and advice. Personally, I recommend Management Tip of the Day, a short and actionable piece of advice about becoming a better manager every day, and the Weekly Hotlist, a weekly roundup of links to Harvard Business Review‘s most popular thoughts and know-how.

Other Email Newsletters That I Recommend

  • If you’re interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning with a focus on startups, try Dimitar Raykov’s Newsletter. Apart from Dimitar being my co-founder of Founded In Bulgaria, a side project where we interview founders of successful Bulgarian startups, he reads and shares links to some of the best content about AI/ML in his newsletter.
  • The Heretic is Singularity University’s Pascal Finette’s “raw, unfiltered, and opinionated email dispatch.” There, he shares his thoughts and to-the-point advice for entrepreneurs daily.
  • Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday is where lifestyle designer, bestselling author, and award-winning podcaster Tim Ferriss shares links to books, gadgets, and other curiosities that he stumbles upon in life. Pro Tip: If you’re a fan of Tim Ferriss, you haven’t seen nothing until you’ve read Tools of Titans. It’s a goldmine of notes from the hundreds of interviews on his podcast.


The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is the podcast I that listen to the most. It seems that I’m not the only one, because it’s the #1 business podcast (of 300,000+ in total) on iTunes. Tim interviews world-class performers from all areas of life (business, investing, spots, acting, etc.) with a focus on the routines, tactics, and tools that they use. The Tim Ferriss show is packed with fascinating stories and actionable advice from remarkable people from across the world. I seriously recommend it to anyone who is into personal development.

I listen to The Tim Ferriss Show, and other podcasts, while I commute to work and cook at home (which basically happens every night). I’ve found that, for me, driving and cooking are activities that allow me to multitask and consume audio content.

HBR Ideacast

HBR Ideacast is Harvard Business Review’s podcast about corporate leadership and entrepreneurship. It has some of the most interesting conversations and interviews for CEOs and high-level managers on the web. Thanks to the HBR Ideacast, I have discovered some of my favorite business authors such as Clayton Christensen and his jobs-to-be-done theory (read his book, Competing Against Luck).

SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) is a management consulting firm that has a great podcast for sales and marketing executives. The SBI Podcast asks CEOs, VPs, and C-level executives about the strategies and tools they use to make their numbers. Every week on The SBI Podcast, I get to learn what other corporate leaders are doing (and where they are struggling) to help their organizations’ revenues grow.

Pro tip: Subscribe to the SBI Insider channel on YouTube and search for this year’s “How to Make Your Number” report on their website.

Other Podcasts That I Listen To

  • Manager Tools is a podcast where management consultants Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman discuss how to be an effective manager. Some of the best advice I’ve heard about day-to-day management, I’ve heard from this podcast. Also read Mark Horstman’s book, The Effective Manager.
  • The Economist Radio gives you The Economist’s opinionated and well-informed view of current events in short, 20 to 30-minute episodes.
  • Organizational changemaker Ricardo Semler’s LeadWise Podcast contains conversations with leaders who challenge assumptions about the way we do business and collaborate with each other. Corporate liberation, self-management, and remote work are just one of the topics covered in season one.
  • The a16z Podcast is a podcast about business, technology, and startup entrepreneurship made by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. It reveals deep insights and practical advice for people working in tech.


Isn’t it interesting that all the other subheadings in this post are about a type—for example, podcast or book—but this one is about YouTube, which is just one platform among many (Facebook Video to say the least)? That’s how synonymous YouTube has become with online video.

Here’s an overview of my favorite YouTube channels:



I read mostly non-fiction books about economics, business, design, and technology. And 800-CEO-READ is where I find them. 800-CEO-READ is a book retailer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since 1984. Believe me, their team knows business books. Their bestseller list and In the Books section are my go-to place when I’m looking for a new read.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle’s recommendations are also a good way to find new books based on your interests (previous purchases and browsing history, that is).


  1. Foodie \ˈfü-dē\ n. is a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. A “gourmand,” as the French like to say.

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